Total Financial Security, alongside The Garis Group, is a Newcastle based, family-owned and operated financial services firm, which aims to build a strong and continuous relationship.

They have a lifelong partnership with B1G1. A non-profit, social enterprise, enabling small and medium businesses to embed giving activities in their everyday business operations to create giving stories, improving lives around the world.

Martin Sully Design, is a family-owned business, and we love to be involved with a business that is creating a beautiful financial futures, for everyone.

In a meeting with John Garis, Director of The Garis Group, the exuberant Diane Garis popped in to tell us that they had all been talking about our website that morning and that they wanted a landing page, describing that they wanted something fresh, clean and modern.

We got a call from Di after we left, telling us that in the excitement of discussing the website, she forgot to mention that they wanted some new portraits for The Garis Group. 

Back: Total Financial Security landing page. FrontThe enquiry page


To create a landing page for Total Financial Security, it needs to be clean, fresh and modern. The colour palette needs to be based on The Garis Group, and it needs suggest honesty and ethics.

The page also needs to include a video that is being created for the launch, a tagline, and include some form of contact.


We utilised the Squarespace website development platform to create a responsive, unique landing page. Featuring a video that outlines the business, how it helps people to make smarter property investments to create a beautiful financial future.

The landing page was styled to enable us to expand the site in the future. The site also shows links back to The Garis Group, that the company is a PIAA Certified Advisor, and that they are involved in B1G1.

An enquiry form was also added, to collect a database of emails, and give people the opportunity to get in contact further.

Take a look at the new website,

Working with Martin Sully Design on our new landing page design was fun and easy. They listened to what I was after and delivered brilliantly on the brief. I am delighted with the finished product.

Di Garis
Director, Total Financial Security

Flick to the website on a tablet to see the responsive design in all its beauty.