Wednesday, is hump day! Neither the beginning of a week, when possibilities are infinite, nor the end of the week when you can have a drink, some food, go for an adventure, or spend a lazy weekend catching up with 'stuff'.

This was no ordinary Wednesday. We got up at 5:30am for a run, clocked a slow 5km, I was half asleep! Next up, 20 mins of profuse sweating, followed by a cold shower, more sweating, breakfast, coffee, a gallon of water, and finally more sweating! Work commenced as normal, and I ended up finishing with the obligatory headache.

For weeks, I’d wanted to get out to Muriwai, Auckland, NZ. I wanted to photograph the sunset and the Gannet colony, before the nesting birds disappeared, and we left for Australia.

My wife got home at the usual time, and because our body clocks had been turned upside down, and we weren't doing a run in the evening, we'd cooked and eaten by 5:30pm. We both looked blankly at each other, what do we do now? *Shrug* "I suppose we could watch TV?"

We quickly threw together a bag, mostly weighed down with camera kit, a makeshift tripod (camping chair) and some water.

After a quick drive, we set out on the a bush walk. Down stairs, through dense bush, to a panoramic lookout, but the sun was too high, and bleached most of the images. Temperatures at 7pm were still about 24°C, so I started sweating profusely!

We finished the walk, hopped into the car, cranked on some summer tunes, blasted ourselves with the A/C, and headed down to the beach. Stopping at a couple vantage points to grab more shots. We got to the Gannet colony at the perfect time, to find them shrouded in this golden light, it was amazing, I could have spent hours there. We quickly moved down to the beach to capture the last of the sunset.

I seriously cannot recommend this enough, I can't think of a better way to get over hump dat, all I needed was the waves, a brisk walk, the beach and a warm summer evening with my wife. If you've had a hard day, you'd be almost guaranteed to forget about it.

If I could bottle the day up, without the sweat and the faint smell of Gannet defecation in the air, that would be awesome!

Travel Photography

Tongariro, New Zealand