InoCardia brand Identity, branding, logo design by Martin Sully Design. InoCardia are based in Coventry, United Kingdom

InoCardia Limited are a company who have researched and developed a technique to test the effects of medication on human heart tissue. A breakthrough which should lead to safer testing of medication, as they won't need to use humans or animals. The name stems from Inotropic - the contraction of muscles, especially the heart; and cardiac.

I submitted the following work for the branding of the company, the aim was for it be unique and to stand up for itself in a sector that's full of large multinational companies. The branding needed to appeal/sell the idea to the pharmaceutical sector across the globe. They also wished to avoid the clichéd heart imagery.

Stationary for InoCardia Limited, brand identity, branding, business cards design by Martin Sully
Stationary for InoCardia Limited, Brand Identity, Branding, letterhead paper design by Martin Sully
InoCardia Limited Branded powerpoint design, presentation, brand identity, branding, by Martin Sully
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