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I semi-jokingly told my wife last night, that I had a bit of a blogging dilemma, and that I wanted a blue lightsaber for Christmas next year… It’s so easy to scribe a quick post at Christmas, or a not so quick post at New YearWhat do you blog about afterwards?

Well, I have thought about this subject for quite a while, and even wrote it three times. Then this morning I read an interesting article on Creative Bloq titled 16 tips for design success in 2016. Point number 4 sums up my post, share your work.

New projects are fascinating, especially brand identities. There’s two ways to approach them, the holistic approach, where you collaborate with colleagues, companions, clients, share initial doodles, thoughts and notes, or the approach where you squirrel your ideas away, never to be seen again!

Neither approach is wrong, but the correct decision could lead to the best result. Both have pros and cons. When you share, ideas arise, ideas get pushed aside. If you don’t share, you will have control of your work, but you will need to be critical of your work, which is hard if you like an idea. You may also miss a gem of an idea?

Which route do I take? Well, it’s totally dependent on the client, but I love to share my initial ideas. The initial stages are where things get interesting, and often, the answers that you are looking for are right under your nose.

To illustrate, I worked on an identity for Bradley Wiggins, Olympian and 2012 Tour De France winner, and did a few doodles. Time passed and I'd drawn all manner of bikes, b’s and w’s. A few days later I looked back, and I'd merged a 'B' and a 'W' with each other. The addition of a 'mod symbol and I had the beginnings a racing helmet and face. This was a project that I chose not to share initially.

Bradley Wiggins logo initial sketch

Another project, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, was a concept designed for a flexible learning space that students, teachers and anyone in between could use, which is heavily focused on collaborative unorthodox exploration of 21st century life. Whilst the concepts were unsuccessful, I shared these with the client and they felt that they could certainly be developed further, but someone else had already got close to something they liked. 

It turns out that sharing is positive, a) it gives me something to blog about, b) you guys learn a little about my processes and c) it gives you something to share on social media! He he he.


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