Welcome to the very first issue of INCHEWISHON.

In my days as a student, I had big plans to create some sort of periodical magazine, or maybe a clothing range with the name Intuition. It was sparked by an overheard conversation as I walked down the street, it got my thinking about how peculiar a word it is, and I always loved the phonetic spelling in my head, and ever since, I've always been thinking about creating a branding to go with it, and was very tempted to name the studio after it.

I feel like it's the right time to introduce it to you guys. It's essentially going to give you an insight into the Studio and what's been happening. Every two months, I'll fill you in on developments, new projects, completed projects and the partners we work with.

New Photography Services

We are now able to offer our photography skills to people of Newcastle, the Hunter and Central Coast regions, for the following areas:

  • Advertising and marketing - websites, marketing material, sales presentations
  • Social Media
  • Event coverage
  • Staff and team portraits
  • Product photography


We like to make things as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. We'll have a chat beforehand about the brief, it helps to put you at ease and you can choose the style to fit your brand.


I'm used to working around tight schedules. Most of our shoots last about half a day, and this is generally enough time to capture enough photos for use on websites, marketing brochures and social media. 


We only charge for our time, forget about complicated licensing or usage fees. Ask us about our half day and full day rates.


You will receive the edited pictures on a password protected web gallery, which you can share and download the high resolution files, as well as web friendly versions.

Website Improvements

  1. Find out more about us on our new About page.
  2. We created a new landing page for all of our Instagram followers – their were two reasons for this. Firstly, it allows us to easily track how many people are visiting from the social media network, especially as analytics for this aren't currently available. Secondly, it offers a tailor-made introduction to our thought process. Find us on Instagram.

Martin, Director, Martin Sully Design

My focus is on branding – marrying print, web, photography, and typography to create bold identities.

I write about social media, branding, design and building a business in Newcastle, Australia.

I'm a fully-trained barista. I love to run, at 5:30am. And, I occasionally brew an outrageously creative chilli, mango, lime and mint beer.