/Good morning New Year!/

You were welcomed with open arms, fireworks, auld lang syne and a sense that after many, many years, I still can't think of any good resolutions, or ones I can stick to. 

I love the whole festive season, it's a chance to spend time with loved ones, watch movies that you've seen approximately 26 times, reflect on the year gone and think about all the things that you're looking forward to.

On December 31st 2014, there was a daunting realisation that I will turn 30 next year. We will leave our 9-5 jobs in 9 days time. Everything we owned fitted neatly into four suitcases and a couple backpacks. We will move to New Zealand in 19 days, and the only furniture we owned were two old rickety wooden chairs, a cardboard box for a tv (laptop) stand and a mattress.

All in all, from an outside perspective, it might have looked like some sort of early life crisis.

But, I really was looking forward to the adventure, it was a 'fresh start'. We were taking exactly a month off, plenty of time to recover from jetlag, buy a car, drive from Wellington to Auckland, find a place to rent and get used to our surroundings.

The year has flown by, I'm 30, my old job is a distant memory, everything we own still fits into two suitcases and a backpack. However, there is a subtle difference, we live in New Zealand, but in just under two months we are moving to Australia. 

2016 is setting up to be a very different year to last, on a personal level, we will be reunited with furniture and move to another new place, but on a professional one, Martin Sully Design will also be relocating. Also, the new Pantone Colours of the Year have been announced. So you can expect to see an increase in pastel colours as people try to combat modern day stresses and achieve a serenity with their branding.

On that note, I hope everyone has had a fantastic 2015, and that 2016 is shaping up nicely. Thanks for reading the blog in increasing numbers.

All the best,

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