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A couple years back, I spent two 9-5 days prepping the most insane dinner ever. A heady mix of scallops, a mille-feuille of potato, artichoke and truffle, with a parmesan puree (this was just the starter). A main of Venison with approximately 4,000,000 ingredients and a toffee soufflé with banana and lime ice cream. It was totally worth it, and was good fun, despite the fact that it cost more than a meal at any top restaurant in the world.

As the festive season approaches, you start to see huge amounts of delicious food, festive sandwiches, festive drinks and a bjillion other things. Emails speak of wonderful savings, Facebook notifications come through as your work colleague tags you in that work Christmas Party photo. You knew it was a bad decision to dress as an elf!

Amongst all that digital mush. There's one thing that stands out. An email from a company in the USA called ChefSteps. They are a food and technology company who have been around since 2012.

Salmon Crudo ©Chefsteps 2015

Salmon Crudo ©Chefsteps 2015

I haven't yet created anything from there collection of recipes, but I eagerly await the emails, the emails do several things, a) they make me hungry, b) they make me want to cook, and c) they make me click on the image to go to the recipe. Which from a marketing point of view means their emails work.

So I've clicked on the image and I'm led to salivatingly good videos, and I cannot fail to be impressed. Who doesn't want to make the Pistachio equivalent of Nutella, or their Salmon Crudo.

So, if we were to learn one thing from this, content is king. If you are interested in adding a little je ne sais quoi to your marketing, or are in need of some beautiful content, then come and take a look through my portfolio, and get in contact.

PS. This blog post has not been sponsored by ChefSteps, I am simply hungry, and thought I would share this with you all.

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